Within the TEMPUS project ‘Master program in Educational Leadership’, Faculty of Education of the University of Kragujevac, Jagodina, organized the admission to the master academic studies for the 2016/17 school year.

Registration of the candidates (receipt of documents) was undertaken on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of October 2016 at the Faculty of Education in Jagodina. Applicants have submitted the following documents: photocopies of diplomas, motivation letter, references and CV, based on which the suitability of candidates was evaluated. In total, 95 candidates applied to the program.

Committee for evaluation of candidates was comprised of the following members: prof. dr Svetlana Čizmić and doc. dr Ivana Petrović (from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade), doc. dr Jelena Teodorović, doc. dr Vesna Petrovic and doc. dr Biljana Stojanović (from the Faculty of Education, University of Kragujevac, Jagodina). On the 6 th of October, the committee reviewed the submitted documents of candidates and evaluated them on the basis of: average grade in previous studies (max. 50 points) and CV, motivation letter and recommendation (max. 30 points).

As part of the entrance examination, an interview was conducted with the candidates on the 7th of October 2016, in regards to their motivation for leadership in education and the performance of leadership activities, previous work experience, as well as the specific motivation for entering master program. Members of the two interview commissions evaluated the candidates  during the interview and awarded them up to 20 points. The candidates were divided into 14 groups for the interviews. It should be noted that the candidates were greeted by the Dean, prof. dr Violeta Jovanović, and coordinator of TEMPUS project, doc. dr Jelena Teodorović, as well as members of the commissions. The entire application process, including the interviews, passed in a pleasant atmosphere.

Considering the large number of quality candidates, the Central Commission for enrollment of students in academic 2016/17 year, made a decision to enroll 30 students in the study program Leadership in education.

After summarizing the evaluations of candidates, a preliminary list was published on the website of the Faculty on the 10th of October 2016. The applicants could appeal to the regularity of the procedure within 36 hours from publication of the preliminary rankings at the Faculty. A total of 8 complaints were submitted to the Commission for registration, and all were timely reviewed by the Commission.

The final ranking list was published on the 12th of October 2016, and enrollment of students was performed on the 13th and 14th of October 2016. Classes in the master program Leadership in Education began on the 15th of October 2016.

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